From Above // An Aerial Perspective by Taylor Adams

I could spend hours looking at aerial views of the many landscapes that compose our Earth. Wild, infinite spaces have such an ability to impress me. A symphony of color and texture - rising, falling, reaching, and growing to create the place we call home. A constant state of motion, full of living light - it's something I can't resist exploring.

Zoomed out, miles above, you can see so much at once. Rivers stretch and bend chasing the curves of the land - searching for lakes and oceans to pour themselves into over and over. The ocean embraces the shore - covering the sand with a blanket of foam, retreating only to return. Evergreen trees shoot up from the ground - climb the backs of mountains, rise with them to touch the sky and breathe life into the air. Fall and rise again. A world of relentless determination. A support system intertwined with one purpose. Listen, watch, learn. Take note.

An early morning fog creeps across the land, gently waking up what lies beneath. Soft, quiet sheets whispering across water, rolling through hills, and slipping through branches of sleepy pines and silver maples. A steady stillness to wake up the wild. The first instrument to play in this daily orchestra. How lucky are we to be instruments too? To walk among the web of elements speaking in energy, breathing in color. Remember your part. Inhale, exhale, and begin.

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Storm Watch by Taylor Adams

I’ve been thinking a lot about weather systems, about the beauty of storms. Those looming forms to which we have no control over. Wild energies that disrupt, dismantle, and remind us we are small. But there is beauty in this chaos. They show us fragility. They show us strength. They teach us to retreat, reconstruct, and keep moving forward. With my threads I bind together these wild energies, these organic beings that can’t be held. Breaking down the chaos into the simplest form - a line. A line becomes two, then three and many more, and just for one moment, I’ve caught the storm.

What if we could catch these atmospheres? What if we could hold them in our hands? Feel their pulse and throbbing heartbeat saying, ‘I am here. I am living and breathing this air that you breathe.’
— Sketchbook excerpt
IMG_7671 2.JPG

Sea Gypsy by Taylor Adams


My work is largely inspired by an utter fascination with bodies of water - probably because I've never lived anywhere that was too far from one. This piece came to me in waves, with every new layer bringing a new sense of understanding, and after awhile, revealing to me the specific place I was pulling from. When I discovered this spot while living in Charleston, I loved it immediately. Somewhere among the gnarled trees, the scattered bits of shell and shark teeth, I found a place to think, to draw, to dream. I spent many early mornings and dusky evenings sitting on the shores watching the water, working away in my sketchbook, and simply soaking in its atmosphere. Folly Beach, often known as the Edge of America,  became my reset button - a constant source of inspiration, reflection, and a landscape to explore in the realms of abstraction.

It was a giant reset button. You could go to the edge of the land and see infinity and feel renewed
— Andy Sawyer

This one's for you Folly Beach, I hope to see you soon.

Sea Gypsy, 22 x 28 in, Thread & Mixed Media
This piece is available for sale, email for inquiries.