From What I Remember // Reconstructing A Landscape by Taylor Adams

Whenever I step into the world, whether I am conscious of it or not, I like to think that I am cataloging everything I see and experience, and storing it for future reference. Every color, sound, and texture gets filed away, and all the little extraordinary moments too - the ones that are not easy to capture by camera or word. The way the wind whispers through tall grass or the softness of a mist of rain masking the treetops as it delicately falls to meet the ground.

Some of these moments get collected into folders - folders of places. The place with golden light, the place where the storms roll in, the beach I love most, the lake I grew up on..


My sister and I took a walk along the road that leads to our family's house on Lake Keowee. Along this road a field expanse stretches up and tumbles down to chase the rolling land, and with it comes the sounds and colors of the lake I call home. Home to countless summers running barefoot and carefree.  Bug bites and fresh berries, burnt marshmallows and fireworks, sunsets and rope swings, waterfalls and secret coves, tan legs and red clay.  Add in spring with fresh blooms and sweet breezes, autumn with crisp leaves piled high in every color, holidays with pine trees and chilly air wrapping everything in a blanket of soft grey...


All of these memories, all of these experiences are components of this place, right down to its soil and water. Hand-stitched into the fibers of the landscape, a collection of moments tell the story of my past, my present, and my future. Filing them carefully into a folder in my mind, I carry each moment with me as valuable resource.

Hand-stitched into the fibers of this landscape, a collection of moments tell the story of my past, my present, and my future.

So I take out this folder of memories, open it up and let it spill out its color and form onto my surface. Speaking in energy, breathing in color - my memories build a space that tells their story. They reconstruct the landscape from the silky waters of the lake to the rugged mountains in the distance, and every day that begins and ends resting upon their silhouettes.  


"From What I Remember"
Thread, Ink & Acrylic on wood panel
11 x 14 in
This piece is available for sale here.


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From Above // An Aerial Perspective by Taylor Adams

I could spend hours looking at aerial views of the many landscapes that compose our Earth. Wild, infinite spaces have such an ability to impress me. A symphony of color and texture - rising, falling, reaching, and growing to create the place we call home. A constant state of motion, full of living light - it's something I can't resist exploring.

Zoomed out, miles above, you can see so much at once. Rivers stretch and bend chasing the curves of the land - searching for lakes and oceans to pour themselves into over and over. The ocean embraces the shore - covering the sand with a blanket of foam, retreating only to return. Evergreen trees shoot up from the ground - climb the backs of mountains, rise with them to touch the sky and breathe life into the air. Fall and rise again. A world of relentless determination. A support system intertwined with one purpose. Listen, watch, learn. Take note.

An early morning fog creeps across the land, gently waking up what lies beneath. Soft, quiet sheets whispering across water, rolling through hills, and slipping through branches of sleepy pines and silver maples. A steady stillness to wake up the wild. The first instrument to play in this daily orchestra. How lucky are we to be instruments too? To walk among the web of elements speaking in energy, breathing in color. Remember your part. Inhale, exhale, and begin.

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