I create to translate my experiences in nature, using my media to tell stories of interaction. Dropping ink upon my surface and building up layers of abstraction, I seek to capture moments in the way that I have experienced them outdoors - translating sight, touch, and sound through gestures on my panel.

My interest in thread roots back to my mother teaching me to sew at a young age. Today, I use this delicate yet strong material to explore a balance of controlled and organic movement. Upon organic ink paintings, I tightly wrap strands of thread across my surface. Thread by thread, I compose a structure of fibers naturally and rhythmically, each line informed by the previous one.

My paintings are a mapping of movement and color, inspired by the landscapes I encounter. With each thread, I break down the elements of a landscape into the simplest form - a line. A line becomes a moment - the wind sweeping through tall grasses, the crash of a wave against the shore, or the break of morning light upon water. Acting as conversations, my paintings tell the story of a feeling, a moment, and a place.


Taylor Adams received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in drawing from the University of Florida in May 2015. Having always lived along lakes and ocean fronts, Adams is largely influenced by bodies of water and reflects this movement and form through her work. Working primarily with thread and ink as her media, Adams creates abstractions reminiscent of landscapes and moments found in nature. Adams is currently living and working in Greenville, South Carolina. She is represented by Art & Light Gallery in the Village of West Greenville.