Sea Gypsy


My work is largely inspired by an utter fascination with bodies of water - probably because I've never lived anywhere that was too far from one. This piece came to me in waves, with every new layer bringing a new sense of understanding, and after awhile, revealing to me the specific place I was pulling from. When I discovered this spot while living in Charleston, I loved it immediately. Somewhere among the gnarled trees, the scattered bits of shell and shark teeth, I found a place to think, to draw, to dream. I spent many early mornings and dusky evenings sitting on the shores watching the water, working away in my sketchbook, and simply soaking in its atmosphere. Folly Beach, often known as the Edge of America,  became my reset button - a constant source of inspiration, reflection, and a landscape to explore in the realms of abstraction.

It was a giant reset button. You could go to the edge of the land and see infinity and feel renewed
— Andy Sawyer

This one's for you Folly Beach, I hope to see you soon.

Sea Gypsy, 22 x 28 in, Thread & Mixed Media
This piece is available for sale, email for inquiries.