Beautiful British Columbia by Taylor Adams

Squamish, British Columbia

Squamish, British Columbia

In October I hopped on a plane to Canada to visit my brother during his pilot training at BC Helicopters. Breaking my day-to-day routine and stepping out of my studio to explore, relax and refresh my mind is such a vital part of my creative process, and British Columbia filled me to the brim with inspiration. It’s just impossible to describe how enormous the mountains are and how vast the views are.

I think there's something really special about visiting places where you can feel their immensity. Places that open you up and make you feel small - I think we all need that every once in awhile. From wandering new cities and connecting with creatives, to exploring trails and flying through the mountains by helicopter, this trip was one I will never forget. 

I spent time wandering through little towns (stumbling across record stores and cozy coffee shops) and doing studio visits in Vancouver. I was able to visit with Sarah Delaney and Kelsie Grazier, two artists I am a huge fan of, and it was so inspiring to see their spaces and learn more about their process. Soaking in the beauty of BC, my brother and I hiked around Squamish and Hope. I marveled at the views and put my travel watercolor palette to good use recording my findings.

Travel offers the most incredible moments to deposit into your memory bank, and I'm feeling pretty grateful to have these in my savings. Back home, I’ve been working in my studio playing and pouring out ideas spurred from these incredible views and fresh perspectives. Already dreaming up my next trip… but in the meantime, here’s some of my favorite moments from British Columbia.

I got dropped off on the top of Mount Robie Reid and watched as my brother flew laps around me in an R44. Nothing but gorgeous peaks and valleys stretched out in every direction.. Hands down one of the coolest moments of my life.

I got dropped off on the top of Mount Robie Reid and watched as my brother flew laps around me in an R44. Nothing but gorgeous peaks and valleys stretched out in every direction.. Hands down one of the coolest moments of my life.

Setting up to paint for the day along the river at Lynn Canyon Park - couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fall afternoon

Setting up to paint for the day along the river at Lynn Canyon Park - couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fall afternoon

Exploring in Hope - found the Ladner Creek Trestle Bridge

Exploring in Hope - found the Ladner Creek Trestle Bridge

West Coast Weekend // Scenes from San Diego by Taylor Adams

Sometimes I spend my entire weekend painting in the studio, and sometimes I venture out to travel, explore, and collect new sources of inspiration.. And on these occasions, sometimes I get lucky enough to score a $75 roundtrip to San Diego. 

California has been on my travel list for awhile now, and this trip was my first time ever visiting the West coast. I can say with certainty that it did not disappoint. The gorgeous coastlines and hilly cityscapes that compose San Diego were filled with a stunning array of colors that I couldn't get enough of. Brilliant blues, rocky neutrals, desert reds and golden oranges... an artist's dream.

It was a quick trip but we managed to squeeze in as much sight seeing as we could - stopping by La Jolla, Point Loma, Coronado and more. It left me feeling so excited to get back into my studio and bring a little California color to my palettes.

I can't wait to return and explore more of this beautiful state and its neighbors. Until then, here are a few of my favorite snaps from this West coast weekend..


Creative Neighborhood feat. Rebecca Hinson by Taylor Adams

During a recent visit to Charleston, South Carolina, I had the pleasure of dropping in to visit friend and fellow artist Rebecca Hinson in her studio. Rebecca is an oil painter and illustrator with an eye for bright palettes and a whimsical touch. From fashion to coral reefs, she pulls inspiration from everything she loves most.

Rebecca's studio is as bright and cheery as her personality, and it was lovely to see what she's been working on in person and catch up over her homemade kombucha (seriously the best). Take a peak inside Rebecca's studio and get a behind-the-scenes look at her new series currently in the works:

To see more of Rebecca's work visit  and find her on instagram @rebeccahinson to follow along with her current work and daily inspirations. 

Creative Neighborhood Feat. Zakriya Rabani by Taylor Adams

In a world where I am constantly inspired by the creatives that surround me, both physically and virtually, I want to take the time to celebrate them and show you the great things they're doing. Creative Neighborhood is a video series exploring the studios, process, and inspirations behind artistic figures and their creative paths. 

In April I caught up with Zakriya Rabani, a friend and former classmate from our BFA years at the University of Florida. Upon walking into Zak's studio, I was greeted by dozens of skateboard decks strewn across the floor, stacked in piles, and suspended from giant rubber bands stretching from all corners of the room. Donated by the Skate Park of Tampa, these boards, considered defective and lifeless by many, are now playing a key part in the installation Zak is developing for his MFA thesis show at the University of South Florida. Growing up with skateboarding, Zak translates his experiences as a skater, athlete, and student through his work and invites his viewers into immersive environments that encourage play and speculation. View the video below to get an inside look into Zak's studio:

You can view more of Zak's work here and find him on instagram @flow_zak to follow along with his explorations and process. 

From Above // An Aerial Perspective by Taylor Adams

I could spend hours looking at aerial views of the many landscapes that compose our Earth. Wild, infinite spaces have such an ability to impress me. A symphony of color and texture - rising, falling, reaching, and growing to create the place we call home. A constant state of motion, full of living light - it's something I can't resist exploring.

Zoomed out, miles above, you can see so much at once. Rivers stretch and bend chasing the curves of the land - searching for lakes and oceans to pour themselves into over and over. The ocean embraces the shore - covering the sand with a blanket of foam, retreating only to return. Evergreen trees shoot up from the ground - climb the backs of mountains, rise with them to touch the sky and breathe life into the air. Fall and rise again. A world of relentless determination. A support system intertwined with one purpose. Listen, watch, learn. Take note.

An early morning fog creeps across the land, gently waking up what lies beneath. Soft, quiet sheets whispering across water, rolling through hills, and slipping through branches of sleepy pines and silver maples. A steady stillness to wake up the wild. The first instrument to play in this daily orchestra. How lucky are we to be instruments too? To walk among the web of elements speaking in energy, breathing in color. Remember your part. Inhale, exhale, and begin.

These pieces are available for sale, contact me at for more information.

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Studio Scenes by Taylor Adams

Find these VW Bus prints on my  Etsy shop .

Find these VW Bus prints on my Etsy shop.

Having a studio space is a privilege that I don’t take for granted. After going awhile without one, it’s incredible the difference it makes to have a space that is purely dedicated to creating, a space that you don’t have to share with living or sleeping.

My work is very much a form of discovery through process -- in other words it can get pretty messy. Through dripping, splattering, pouring and splashing, I explore my surfaces and learn from my media.
I believe it’s this freedom to make a mess that makes all the difference when creating. It's the freedom to explore, spill, and make mistakes that leads to the discoveries. When I need a break from my visuals, I can walk away - let a piece in progress sit, give it time to breathe, and come back with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

My studio is nowhere near as big as I would like it to be, nothing close to my dream spaces on Pinterest. My 7 ft desk takes up one wall, and it's often so scattered with various projects, that I have paintings populating my smaller work table and a few scattered across the floor as well. The other wall was homemade by my brother and divides a dining area in the house, thus creating my little space. I love having this wall because I can paint on it, write on it, and hammer as many nails as I please while I'm constantly hanging and rearranging pieces.

I have a collection of findings that I like to keep in my studio as sources of inspiration. Old books, pieces of driftwood, an assortment of empty frames (as seen above), scraps of material and more. Okay now I sound like a hoarder, but I promise it's not that excessive. Perhaps my favorite, and something I always like to keep on my desk is a little collection of various shells, coral, rocks, and bits of sea glass that I've gathered from places I've traveled. I like the idea of always having a physical piece of the different landscapes I've walked across and marveled at, and I find the textures and colors to be a constant source of inspiration.

Wherever I wander, I'm always thinking about how I can channel what I see and experience back into my studio and into my work. The good news is, there's plenty to explore out there, even in the ordinary day.

Find me on Instagram to see more of my daily explorations and process.