The perfect piece for you…

If you love my style, but haven’t seen quite what you’re looking for, I would love to work with you to create the perfect piece for your space. I truly love creating work that is custom to you and your story. You can learn more about the commission process here, and fill out the inquiry form below to get the conversation started.

A year ago I passed by a picture of Taylor’s art on social media and was immediately drawn to it. After months of watching her make many beautiful pieces we moved into our first house and I felt that one of her pieces would be the perfect fit in our new home. After discussing the options, we asked Taylor if she could develop a piece with the influence of the mountain we got engaged on and the color of our bedroom accent wall. She ended up going to get a color chip of the exact color we had painted and used pictures of our engagement spot. I fell in love with the result. The colors worked perfectly in the space and I felt touched by the gentle hints of the mountain location that lead to the home that the piece would reside in. The amount of detail of the pieces can only really be appreciated in person. We are very happy with our piece and would highly recommend Taylor for commissions.
— Samantha, Atlanta GA

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