Fool's Paradise // Exploring With Sound


Recently I've been thinking a lot about the relationship between color and sound, and how music can affect the state of flow. That's why I was excited when I was asked to create the cover artwork for my talented friend Dante Frisiello's Debut EP, "Fool's Paradise."  Working with sound as the inspiration was an intriguing concept to me and one I was eager to explore. Dante had no preconceived notions of what he wanted the cover to look like, his only request was that I listen to the music and let that be the influence.

When I begin a painting I usually don't preplan or sketch. I try not to get too attached to any particular vision of what I want the piece to be because quite often it takes on a mind of its own - changing and evolving into something entirely new, often several times before it is complete. 

I played the tracks as I gessoed my panel, paying attention to the texture and rhythm of the sound. As I laid the first marks I followed where my hand led me, pulling colors I felt compelled to introduce to my surface and letting them find their place among swirling pools of media.  

After several layers of marks I masked the painting with a neutral tone in a manner that may have appeared I was going back to square one, covering up everything I had worked to build up. However, in masking what I have established on my panel I am able to explore the history of mark upon the surface. I build up layers and break them down. Then in building them up once again, I rediscover little gems of texture and movement and give them new life. 

The final stage of my process is measured and meticulous.  With the sides of my panel marked at even intervals to guide and ensure straight lines, I begin with a single thread wrapped tightly around my panel. One by one, thread by thread, I compose a structure of fibers upon my painting. Each line is informed by the previous one. They find their place naturally and rhythmically to bring a new layer of structure and meaning to the surface.


I was drawn to the rhythmic nature of Dante's music and felt the rise and fall of the melodies mirrored my process in a unique way. Building up, breaking down - a balance between organic and controlled movement. I truly admire the ability of musicians to compose a form of art purely with sound, and was honored to give a visual interpretation to what Dante has created. 

Dante Frisiello is a 24 year old law student. He has been playing and studying guitar for 10 years, and the "Fool's Paradise" EP is his debut release. Find the full album here and follow along with Dante's music on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @dantefrisiellomusic

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