Creative Neighborhood feat. Jonathan Rypkema

I love getting the opportunity to stop by my friends' studios and see what they're up to. In a world where I am constantly inspired by the creatives that surround me, I want to take the time to celebrate them and show you the great things they're doing.

Jonathan Rypkema is a visual artist living and working in Charleston, South Carolina. Blending the worlds of drawing and sculpture, Jonathan creates architectural pieces that invite the viewer to engage at all angles. It's easy to get lost in these pieces - bold pattern and line work emphasize geometric constructions or found objects, creating an experience rather than just a surface. Jonathan creates out of a feeling that many artists can relate to - the need to construct, to build, to make. The need to take the ideas in your head and use your hands to bring them to life. View the video below to take a look into Jonathan's studio and recent projects:

To view more of Jonathan's work visit and find him on instagram @jonathanrypkema to follow along with his current work and process. 

Taylor AdamsComment