Traveling Sketchbook by Taylor Adams

I recently got back from a 6 week trip across Asia - visiting the Philippines, Bali, and South Korea. Of course I put my sketchbook to good use - collecting as many ideas as I could while soaking up these incredible places. Surrounded by beautiful artwork and architecture (and the shredder's paradise that is Camsur Watersports Complex), it was almost overwhelming how much there was to pull inspiration from. Here's a peak at a few pages - more to come in a new series currently in the works. 

Clockwork by Taylor Adams

It's been awhile since I've worked this realistically and it made me realize how much I've missed it. I was operating a system 2 wakeboarding cable when the idea for this drawing came to me. An electric motor driving the cable back and forth, towing a wakeboarder along with it in a continuous well-oiled pattern. Clockwork. I sat down that evening and drew for about 5 hours straight. Feels like the start of a series coming, just in time for the new year.